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CF Fitness

CF FITNESS 08/01/16

Choose kb weight light
Amrap 6’ of:
10 ring row
10 alt pistols
10 box jumps
10 push ups o knees push ups
10 russian kb swing
30” rest
Amrap 6’
30 alt kb clean and press
30 d unders o simples
30 v sit ups
30” rest
Amrap 5’ of
10 ring row
10 pistols
10 box jumps
10 push ups o knees push ups
10 russian kb swing
30” rest
Amrap 5’ of
20 sit ups
20 ring row
20 jumping touch bar
20 kb sumo deadlift ( not high pull)
30” rest
Amrap 5’
6 hspu or sh push ups
6 toes to bar or 12 v sit ups

CF FITNESS 17/07/15

arm up:
1' max mountain climbers
1' max v sit ups
1' max squat jump
15 min amrap
Run 400 m
4 hate makers
10 min amrap
250 m run
24 m bear crawl
24 m frog jump back
24 sit ups
Double tabata
Back extensions
Ball twist

CF FITNESS 19/06/15

Warm up:
7 min amrap: 5 push ups 10 sit ups
15 squats

Hypertrophic superset: Every two min during 10 min 5 dumbbell push press
5 deadlift ( elige tu peso)

Wod I
6 min amrap
20 bicycle crunches

20 mountain climbers

20 jumping jacks

Wod II
5 min amrap:
10 alternating lunge step

10 squats jump
3 burpees

Tàbata leg raises 

CF FITNESS 07/06/15

3 min amrap:
2 man suicides, 1 person runs 100m. Shuttle run 10m ­ 10m.

2 man teams:
2 rounds of:
1 min max rounds of: Partner touch push ups Partner sit ups
Lateral plank
Unison squats
Leg lift
Record total number rep

Then trainer run clocks: As a time try to complete

35 burpees in two min 

65 v sit ups in two min
85 tuck jumps in two min
100 lunges in two min
Mountain climber jumping jaks in two min
No rest between 2 min intervals. If you goal completed in each interval, then rest

Finally: Tabata sprints

CF FITNESS 31/05/15

2 man team
15 min amrap:
Only one person work at a time,can only switch at half the total amount the reps:

2a person not working, must hold a plank hold or squat hold. Anytime the hold is broken, both members must stop and do push ups.

15 min amrap: 100 leg lift
75 tuck jumps 50 bar push ups

DoubleTàbata 20:10 

sit ups 

Back extensions

CF FITNESS 29/05/15

Empezamos: 3x
7 bastard
7 burrols

Hypertrophic supersets: Five rounds of:
1 min max bar back squat
1 min max romanian deadlift 1 min rest

Metcon A
15 mins amrap:
5 indian push ups
10 burrolls
15 jumping lunges
25 tuck jumps
50 bicycle crunches
75 jumping jacks
100 m. Shuttle sprint every 10 m.

In minute 5 and 10 1 min hollow body hold

Metcon b
Emon 6 min:
Odd: run carioca 100 m. Even: plank hold 

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